Goldkist a registered company in Singapore is a trusted BRAND for over 25 years. We are a leading technology, real estate, advertising and IT solutions company in Asia that offers superior value and experience to its customers.

Goldkist has been the leading distributor of brands such as Sony Ericsson, Motorola and LG with more than $500 million in sales transaction over Asia. Based in the World famous IT complex, SIM LIM SQUARE and with over 1200 channel partners spread over Asia, we are the market leader when it comes to business strategy, marketing and proven ideas.

The Goldkist Group also carries established and well-renowned brands such as ‘IamTreked’ and ‘AdPerKM’.



IamTreked is a Singapore Brand specializing in SMART Solutions for better productivity. It strives to provide the most cost effective solutions to small and medium businesses (SMB) who are surrounded with many operational problems limiting growth. Our Company is the recognized leader in the GPS fleet management domain and our GPS Fleet Tracking solution sets the standard for excellence and performance. Our SMART Tracking and Telematics solutions have the real answer to current ongoing problems in the world of Logistics and Transportation. We are committed to providing fleet operators everywhere with the highest quality and most cost-effective solutions.


Used by the most recognized advertisers in the world, We wish to introduce our Unique and innovative ADVERTISING SOLUTION for advertisers, “AdPerKM” where advertisers pay as per distance travelled by the car. This way the client’s hard earned marketing dollars are fully utilized. Also, he/she is aware of how much distance the vehicle has travelled and pays accordingly. The ads also give a stand-alone visibility of brand as compared to be one among 100s of advertisement in newspapers/magazines which are generally overlooked. We have a complete one stop solution for our clients to promote their brand to a wider audience.