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LifeBook C325

Introducing the budget notebook, perfect when price is your key consideration - perhaps you run a small company or office, or maybe you are a student with a limited bank balance, and need to carry your work with you. Despite the attractive price tag, the C-series can still boast excellent performance. With its fully integrated, all-in-one design, the C-series is ideal for anyone who values reliability and simplicity. And with its silver cover, it will add a distinctive sense of style to the world of mobile computing.

- 233MHz Intel Pentium Processor with MMX technology and 430TX Intel chipset - The Intel chipset designed to maximise performance from Pentium processors with MMX technology   - 32MB SDRAM, expandable to 96MB, plus 512KB Pipelined Burst Synchronous 2nd level cache - SDRAM for performance and plenty of room for expansion
- 3.2GB HDD offers plenty of storage space for the needs of today and tomorrow   - 12.1" SVGA colour TFT screen with 2MB video RAM - unbeatable graphics performance
- All-in-one three spindle design - offers users simultaneous access to hard drive, CD-ROM and Floppy drive   - Full size keyboard, wide palm rest and unique ErgoTrac pointing device - designed to make working with a LifeBook as comfortable as possible
- Uses Lithium Ion battery technology which lasts longer than other battery types   - Bridge battery means users can swap batteries without having to restart the notebook
- Pre-installed with Windows 98 and EasyGuide on-line user documentation   - Productivity software suite includes MS Word 97 for word processing
- Data security with TeamWare Crypto 98 file encryption and F-Secure anti-virus software