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Goldkist Mobile Academy
(The 1st Mobile Training Academy In South East Asia)


Expressway to jobs


Where Jobs are granted on admission

and not mere paper degree/diplomas

even to ones who can't afford to pay



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Industry developments

1st was the automobile revolution

which changed the world…


2nd was Information Technology

which revolutionized the whole world

& put India on Global leadership…

Next Big Upcoming industry in world is :

An Industry with a growth rate of 40%

          With a base of 54 million consumers in India

      Where 1.8 million consumers are added  every month in India

         Where India is the 2nd largest market in the world

Mobile Technology Revolution

Are you ready for it ???

Unique offer from GMA Course:-

  • 100% Confirmed Job after successful completion of course

  • 200 hours On the job training in actual companies

  • Abroad on the job training for top 5 students

  • Abroad Job placement for 3 best performing students

  • Regular visit & lectures by Mobile Industry MNC Experts

  • Sharing of Real life experiences from industry Entrepreneurs


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