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Course Contents 

1 Year Diploma in Cellular Technology & Management (Hons)

     Technology overview
  • fFamiliarization, Telecommunication in India, Telecom Opportunities, Various telecom operators and telecom equipment vendors, future telecom scenario in India, World telecom history and today's scenario
  • ccommunication Fundamentals and Digital Communication.
  • Telecommunication Fundamentals covering telecom networks, switching, signaling, brief details on new technologies etc.
  • GSM Fundamentals, System technique in GSM, Radio Interface, Air Interface, Traffic Cases etc
  • Signaling in telecommunication network. C7 signaling, protocols and interfaces, international telecom standards.
  • RF fundamentals, RF survey, planning and optimization of GSM network, Field study.
  • MW planning and survey. Field study.
  • Unix fundamentals, X.25, Network Management System, TNM Standards, Performance analysis of telecom network, alarm log analysis.
  • Operation and Maintenance of telecommunication network, Classification of faults, O&M Philosophy, O&M support system
  • Government Regulations, Regulatory Bodies
  • Telecom Project Management
  • Telecom infrastructure development, installation practices of telecom equipments, check lists to ensure quality. Practical on installation of equipment.
  • CDMA, GPRS, UMTS, SDH, Optical Networks, VoIP.
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  •      Sales & Channel Development.

    The module covers all the essential topics related with the Sales and Channel development. Focusing mainly on Sales- Retail as well as dealer sales, Customer Handling on phone, email and fax, Product classification and overview of all main models of brands like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG,O2, Motorolla, and few other brands with their features, looks, specs and prevailing prices , Pricing strategies and many more related topics.

    Retails Store Management.

     This module is focused on operations of a retail store, handling customers and frontline queries, pricing, negotiations and closing out deals with walk in customers. Besides this how to optimize display space and organizing space, manpower and resources.

    Mobile Applications

    Exposure to various applications which can improve productivity of user in different ways and in different trades.

    Advertising and Marketing.

     This module is focused on sales Promotions for end users and dealers and how to advertise in optimized way in print media, road shows, exhibitions or other innovating marketing programs.

    Mobile Phone Hardware.

    Provide intensive training on how mobile technology works. It covers all the major topics like Overview of Cellular systems, Duplex & Multiple Access Methods, Spread Spectrum Technology, DS-CDMA, Spreading Code, Mobile Applications and even a detailed study of hardware inside the phone and their functions & related topics.

  • Introduction to Operating System
  • Basic Electronics
  • Wireless Phone System
  • Cellular Telephone Service
  • Handsets
  • Brands and Models of Cell Phones
  • Memories, Batteries, Antennas
  • Sim Card Architecture
  • SMD Re-work station
  • Networking Types
  • LCD Technology
  • Data Cables, Universal Box, EMMI Box
  • Assembling & Trouble Shooting.
  • PF Repairing
  • BGA Repairing
  • CCONT IC's
  • Motherboard Tracing
  • Components Replacement
  • Networking Problems
  • Trouble shooting as per service manuals
  • Critical Hardware related problems Solving with Software's

    Purchase Management.

    After completing this module student will able to focus on topics related to Purchasing products on right prices and negotiating good business terms for company along with Goods Receiving procedures and possible mode of  Payments & many more related topics.

    Operations- Stores, Cash, Import, Export

    It focuses on Back Office, Stock Receiving, Stock Issue, Identification, Preservation and Tractability, Import & Export procedures, cash handling, store management, Delivering goods in time & related Documentation, Job Advertisement, Hiring Staff, and many similar topics.

    Accounts & Taxation.

    Mainly covered topics in this module are Accounting related things    like Invoicing, delivery challan, handling cash, entering simple transaction in accounting software. Reporting- Daily/weekly/monthly, Non-Moving Stock. Various taxes involved like customs, sales tax, VAT, Octroi, VAT, Service Tax, Income tax

    Personality Development.

    During the complete course major focus will be given on the personality development of students so that they can excel in their fields and make them better citizens for the country. Topic included are time management , Project management ,speaking skills , writing skills , moral values and Managing expectations of employers and justifying output to salaries.

    Servicing and Customer Support.

    This module focuses on Warranty Policy, frontline customer handling, Handling Defective Products-receiving properly, identifying problem and their categories. Warranty Void situations, Scope of warranty, Responsibility of customer/service center/Seller/ Manufacturers responsibility, servicing levels: L0, L1, L2, L3, L4 and extensive hands on in various stages of servicing.

  • Servicing

  • Software for Handsets
  • Common Software Problems
  • Upgrading Software
  • Changing IMEI numbers
  • Locking & Unlocking Handsets
  • Updating Ringer Tones, Logos
  • Re-Programming Handsets
  • EEPROM Programming
  • Data Backup & Recovery

    Research and Development.

    This module is designed to improve students interest in the area of research and development related to mobile technology like developing new applications

    Operator related fundamentals

    Various types of operator related information like GSM/CDMA/3G and their pro and cons. Sim Card solutions for operators and users in various industries.

    Industrial Internship

    A full time 2 month full time On the Job training in reputed companies in field of either sales or service to get real exposure in live business environment.




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